Bullish Studio's CEO on Invested: Cameron Galbraith's Podcast

Chatting finance creators, monetization, and bootstrapped growth

Hey, we were on a podcast 🎧

About the podcast:

Invested is a new podcast where Cameron Galbraith sits down with creators, founders, and business leaders making an impact on this world. 

Bullish Studio Founder and CEO Brian Hanly recently joined Cameron on Invested to give a candid glimpse into the world of finmeme media and Bullish's rise in the space. 

About the episode:

Here at Bullish Studio, we are on a mission to merge finance with culture, breaking down barriers and making it accessible and entertaining. 

On Invested, Brian took us back to Bullish Studio’s early, bootstrapped days of launching the business on the heels of a global pandemic and carving out a unique niche in the booming financial media landscape. 

Here’s a preview at what we covered:

  • Creating buzz in the financial media consumer market

  • Building trust with your audience

  • Growth, advertising and monetization strategies

  • Dumb Money and the GameStop craze

  • Financial literacy 

  • Approaching creators as small businesses

  • Launching the investor relations company Equity Animal with Mark Moran

  • Working with finmeme heavyweights like VC Brags, to Litquidity, Dr. Parik Patel, and others

So, whether you're curious about the inner workings of Bullish Studio and financial media, or just want a glimpse inside the innovative mind of Bullish’s founder, check out this episode of “Invested.”