Case Study: LionTree 2022 Parternship

Service 🤝

LionTree is a global merchant and investing banking firm focusing on industries related to technology, media and telecommunications. for creativity, community, and capital.

LionTree tapped Bullish Studio’s production and publishing team to produce, publish and grow premium content, highlighting its leadership position across its specialized industries.

Produced by and curated by LionTree's digital media consultant & production company Kindred Media, the show features in-depth conversations with industry leaders.

Strategy ⚒️

Bullish Studio honed in on Kindred Media's TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter accounts. Identifying key moments from full-length episodes, Bullish Studio edited, wrote captions, applied growth tactics, and established the band's video style over the course of the partnership.

Results 🏆

Bullish produced over 40 videos as part of an interview series ‘KindredCast,’ featuring leading names in tech, media & telco (TMT), published across digital channels and resulting in over 1.5 million views and tens of thousands of new subscribers.

Some of the notable figures interviewed included Paris Hilton, Maverick Carter, and MSNBC CEO Rashida Jones.

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