Dr. Parik Patel's 4 Tips to Go Viral on Twitter

Just what the meme doctor ordered!

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Going viral online is a daunting challenge. For creators that don’t have internet clout or celebrity status, it’s increasingly difficult for your content to stand out - especially on Twitter. Creators have to be twice as creative and innovative with their content to really draw people’s attention to their account, especially in an online space as packed as finance.

So, Trade Secrets reached out to none other than the internet’s favorite meme doctor himself, Dr. Parik Patel, to prescribe the cure for Twitter virality - offering up what four tips he recommends for becoming a major meme account in the FinTwit community.

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Tip #1: Be persistently reactive

It is imperative for new creators to understand that follower growth will be a slow grind for a bit of time that hopefully will hit a moment of explosive follower gain. It’s important to be persistent in brainstorming content ideas that are on trend and relevant.

Tip #2: Brainstorm on-trend, relevant content ideas

Creating content that capitalizes on trending topics and is event driven will be a charger for gaining followers. Brainstorming this way can enhance your content’s visibility. Why? Because the Twitter algorithm enhances content that is on trend compared to content that is off trend.

Over time, Parik developed the instinct of knowing what content will do well. He said that if an account tweets the same meme too often people will be turned off because they’ve seen it before – been there, done that. So, keeping content fresh and new will help him both creatively and with his followers’ reactions. If it is on-trend, has a great format, and is short and snappy, it will most likely be successful.

Tip #3: Virality won’t happen overnight

It’s not an easy or overnight process to go viral and build a successful Twitter account. Memes are very popular in the FinTwit space and are a great gateway into building your following. But memes alone won’t get you to Dr. Parik Patel’s level of virality. The more you post and the more trending the topic is, the more Twitter will see your content and your account exposure will skyrocket. But without a high post frequency or relevant content, you’ll become hidden in the algorithm.

Tip #4: Every piece of content doesn’t need to be viral for your account to be successful

Consistently posting and engaging with a community is the critical part. If the content that you predicted to do well ends up not performing well, it’s not the end of the world. Parik used to be particular about posting every day. However, he has since moved from that idea and shifted to posting when creativity strikes or a major event happens. This mindset helped him with having a healthy relationship with posting – if the idea or response isn’t there, don’t force it.

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