4 Conversation Starters For Your Finance-Obsessed Fam This Thanksgiving

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The holidays are fast upon us, and soon enough, you’ll be sitting around the dinner table with relatives. You survive the regular small talk of “How’s work?” “How’s school?” “You seeing someone?” – and now what? 

You don’t know what to say to your finance major cousin or your Wall Street uncle. The last finance-related thing you remember was something with a Reddit group buying Gamestop or asking them again if they’ve seen The Wolf of Wall Street. 

But, don’t worry, Trade Secrets has the perfect conversation starter pack for anyone who is spending the holidays with someone on Wall Street! 

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1. Everyone Loves a Good Meme

Plus, here’s some of our favorite FinTwit accounts to help you get started! 

2. Looking to talk business? Here’s some of the top trending  headlines to discuss with your uncle who is glued to CNBC

3. If your fam needs a break from finance talk, you can also be the history buff who knows quick little facts and history lessons to share with the group

4. And if all else fails, just ask: “Did you see what’s going on with Elon and Twitter?” 

You’re guaranteed to get a reaction to spark a conversation, whether the reaction is good or bad can vary, but you will definitely have a lot to talk about for a while. Or at least to hold you over until dessert is served. 

Illustration by The New York Times; Photo by Adrees Latif/Reuters


Hopefully these conversation starters make your Thanksgiving a little less awkward for you this year. Before you know it, it's another Thanksgiving in the bag!  

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