The Ultimate Gift Guide for Content Creators

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The holidays are approaching quickly – it’s hard to believe it’s already the end of 2022! We know it feels like you have a billion people to buy gifts for right now. This year, you may even have a budding content creator or TikTok obsessed family member on your list of people to gift 👀

Whether we’re helping creators or brands make content on YouTube, TikTok or podcasts – Bullish Studio knows what goes into content creation. We’re here to help you nail this year’s gift giving by dropping some hints on what products would be great under the tree for the content creator in your life!

List Breakdown:

  • Best Filming Gifts 📸

  • Best Audio and Editing Gifts 🎙

  • More Editing Helpers 🧑‍💻

  • Best Organizational Gifts 📓

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Best Filming Gifts

Cameras 📸

If you’re able to splurge a little, a new camera is the knock-out gift that will definitely make all the difference for capturing and posting more content. It’s usually the biggest investment (besides time and effort) when someone creates videos or films content.

Memory Cards and iCloud Storage 🧠

There’s nothing worse than running out of memory during filming. iCloud Storage and memory cards are a great gift to pair with a camera – either you can team up with a relative to create the ultimate gift combo, or it makes the perfect stocking stuffer.

Tripod 🤳

Tripods are a great tool to balance and stabilize phones or cameras to capture a steady, consistent shot throughout filming. If you know a vlogger who takes their filming on the go with them, portable tripods are comfortable for them to hold for long shoot days.

Lights 💡

Lighting is crucial for high video quality. But don’t let daylight savings limit the amount of time you have to shoot with natural lighting. Ring lights are the perfect solution for a creator to film whatever time of day they want. And you can get the best of both worlds by buying a tripod that has a ring light attached to it.

Best Audio and Editing Gifts

Microphone 🎙

No one wants to watch a video when the audio is choppy and it’s unclear what the speaker is saying. Having a microphone that picks up everything you say while reducing the extra distracting background noise helps content creators make engaging and understandable videos.

Headphones 🎧

Whether they are wired in editing, recording content, need to listen to some music to spark creativity, headphones are essential for someone who will be spending hours on the computer.

** While wireless headphones can be fun, we recommend purchasing wired headphones so there isn't a lag in the audio while you're editing and using the mic. **

Video and Photo Editing Software 🧑‍💻

Any creator who will be editing photos or videos needs the absolute best of the best. They’re probably using free tools or trial versions, but for this holiday season upgrade them to the next level.

And psst: Adobe is having a 25% off Black Friday deal that you don’t want to miss out on!

More Editing Helpers

Blue Light Glasses 👓

Creators have to spend hours upon hours looking at screens - blue light glasses are the perfect accessory to cut down on the intense screen brightness that strains eyes.

Portable Chargers 🔌

Sometimes content needs to go mobile! There’s nothing worse than a dead battery right in the middle of your workflow! This is a great small gift to help keep their devices charged and ready to go no matter where they go.

Adaptable Desks 💻

Have your creator channel their inner Nathan Fielder with these adaptable desks!

Best Organizational Gifts

Journals and Planners 📓

Creatives have so many ideas constantly brewing in their heads, so help them remember their next great idea - or stay on schedule!

Self Improvement 🌱

Sometimes you need some inspiration or professional help to assist with growing your following, expanding your brand, or getting past a creativity block. Creator-focused books are great reads to help them unwind, while also learning on what methods to implement to improve and reach their goals.

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