You Need To Know These 8 Tips Before Making Vertical Video Content

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If you’re making short-form vertical videos, you want to make sure you’re putting out the best – whether it’s on YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels or TikTok.

We help creators and brands produce content across all of these platforms every day. So, Trade Secrets put together your go-to checklist for making vertical videos - offering up our top 8 tips to make sure your vertical video is in perfect, viral condition!

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1. First Thing’s First: Know Your Dimensions

  • Video Length Minimum: 3 seconds

  • Video Length Maximum: 10 minutes

  • Dimensions: 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels tall

  • Aspect ratio: 9x16

  • Video Length: Max of 90 seconds

  • Dimensions: 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels tall

  • Aspect Ratio: 9x16

  • Video Length: Max of 60 seconds

    • Or: Four 15 second videos can be cut together to make a total one minute video

  • Dimensions: 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels tall

  • Aspect Ratio: 9x16

Note: 9x16 is the standard screen size of a smart phone so if you record on your phone, you’re golden! 👍 But don’t sweat it if you shoot on another device and need to resize your video, you can use video resizing and editing software like Premiere Pro, Kapwing, Vimeo, or Veed.IO.

2. Good Lighting Is Key

Dark and gritty lighting can make it difficult for viewers and gives off the vibe of a low-quality and low effort for the videos. Getting a ring light is a major game changer because you won’t be reliant on just natural lighting to shoot videos anymore. You can film any time of day. You can also buy a tripod to stabilize your phone that even have a ring light attached.

3. We Want To Hear You! Make Sure You Have Clear Audio

You want to make sure all your talking points are clear and audible. We suggest testing your audio before filming or even getting a mic (this could even be the standard Apple headphones or AirPods) to enhance the audio quality. You want to make sure viewers can clearly see and understand you.

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4. Have a Consistent and Identifiable Background or Item

Almost like a trademark, it's good to have something to make your content be identifiable - whether it be an article of clothing, the same background or thumbnail, or even a slogan that you always use to open the video. It gives your videos a special component that differentiates them from other content creators.

5. Want your content to go viral? Well, make sure it is relevant, on trend, and on point! 🗣️

Talk About What’s Trending

People are more likely to watch a video on a topic that is very popular and relevant currently. Not saying that if your video isn’t on a trending idea that it won’t do well. You just have a greater chance of engagement if it is something that is on everyone’s mind.

Grab Attention with Your Opening Hook

You want to capture people’s attention in the first few seconds of the video to let them know what the video is about and also draw them in to stay and watch, rather than keep scrolling

6. Captions And Titles

Not all people watch videos with the audio on. Maybe they’re in a public place or don’t have their headphones with them or could be hearing impaired. It’s important to add captions so everyone can understand what you’re saying and nothing deters them from watching your video. You want your videos to be as accessible to as many people as possible and don’t want a lack of captions to isolate anyone. Also, adding titles to your video makes it easy for viewers to understand what you’re going to be discussing and they don’t have to wait to see if they are interested. This way you capture the attention of the audience you want your videos to attract.

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7. Format Your Videos For The Platforms You’re Posting On

Even if you film your phone or if you don’t, ensure it is formatted correctly for the vertical videos that are posted on TikTok, Youtube Shorts, and IG. You want to make sure nothing is cropped or cut off and that the full image is high-quality and visible for viewers. All videos on TikTok, IG Reels, and YouTube Shorts follow the same dimensions of 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels tall with an aspect ratio of 9x16. Make sure you either film your video in 9x16 format (which is the standard smartphone screen size) or use a video editing software platform to reformat the video size to 9x16.

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8. #Hashtags, #Hashtags, #Hashtags 

The best way to spread your video to the masses is utilizing hashtags. It might feel corny doing it but the correct, trending, and relevant hashtags will help spread your video to those who are interested in those categories and also attract a larger audience than just your following.

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